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WP 2 - Definition & Requirements

  There is at the moment about 210 million of existing buildings within EU which will have to be retrofitted prior to achieve the EU’s 2050 target of 80-95% CO2 emissions reduction. This target can be met through providing a deep retrofit of 5 million buildings per year on average over the 40-year period, achieving 84% energy performance improvement compared to current levels. The need for mandatory energy saving targets for retrofitted buildings is becoming more and more evident. The challenge the construction industry is going to face is primarily achieving the energy savings while not compromising the indoor environmental quality.
  Taking into consideration current regulatory, knowledge and technology gap in the market, we have identified the need for an affordable, cost-effective ICT tool which would allow for real-time analysis and monitoring of indoor environment and subsequent control of the HVAC systems to deliver the required indoor environment quality.
  Providing the system to measure and monitor indoor air quality will also bring us closer to putting value to the improved indoor environment and thus stimulating the retrofitting market.
  This work package will identify relevant stakeholders who will benefit from the development of the proposed technologies but also who can help on wide dissemination of the technology. Specific needs of these stakeholders will be identified together with current regulatory/technology/market gaps.
  As part of this work package we will also define the methodologies and benchmarks for performance assessments.
  The main annexes of the Guidelines will describe the developed passive and active measures in terms of their benefits for individual stakeholders: building user, facilities managers, construction industry professionals, etc. The descriptions will include information for the general public, technical description of the operation for professionals and financial cost-benefit analyses and business plans.