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WP 5 - Passive Systems

  The need for energy efficient retrofitted buildings leads to downgrading of the indoor environment of these buildings since they were not designed to work as a closed envelope. Active systems as described in the previous WP can be a first and quick intervention for solving this problem. However, there are cases where either indoor environment parameters are out of the range for an efficient work of active systems or even where no infrastructure is installed in the building (like mechanical aeration, climatization) so that active systems could not be used for improvement of indoor environment.

  For all these cases it is necessary to develop and produce cost-effective building materials that significantly contribute on the improvement of the indoor environment on a permanent daily basis. Specifically, aim of this WP is the development of wall materials that improve significantly the indoor air quality by providing on the materials hypo allergenic properties, temperature and humidity storage abilities (Phase-change materials) and photocatalytic properties.