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WP 7 - Demonstration

  Main Objective: To demonstrate the concepts of CETIEB project in diverse building contexts (Public buildings,office environments, hospitals, schools, museums, residential sector, etc.). One of the buildings where will be the demonstration would be the actual head office of Madrid´s City Council, the Palacio de Comunicaciones. The work in progress is the implementation of the new offices for Madrid´s City Council.

  Another demonstration object will be delivered with assistance from the EcoFix company in Ireland. EcoFix is the largest company in Ireland delivering deep retrofit of both residential and non-residential buildings and is partner within the Advisory Board of the project. The company will provide us with contacts for the most suitable buildings which will be retrofitted in next couple of years. There are at the moment a few examples of retrofitted buildings, however it is envisaged that in two years time there will be more suitable examples available for demonstration of the monitoring and controlling tool.

  The retrofit of residential buildings by EcoFix consists typically from upgrade to the building envelope (external insulation, attic insulation, air tightness improvement) and upgrade to the mechanical and electrical systems in the building (space heating, hot water heating). Majority of building owners are not interested in installation of ventilation system.

  The retrofit of non-residential buildings consists typically of envelope upgrade. The mechanical and electrical services have already been upgraded in majority of such buildings.

  Through a close-knit collaboration between key actors in the retrofitting value chain – construction companies, indoor environment monitoring and solution suppliers, ICT companies and building owners – and leading European research centres and universities working on energy efficient buildings, CETIEB assures that the demonstration targets will be achieved and the resulting concept disseminated across Europe, as a basis for massive market roll-out. Such a roll-out would directly support the improvement of the air quality of European existing buildings, while opening up a multi-billion business opportunity for Europe’s building sector, while improving the quality of life and cutting the energy bills for European building owners and citizens.

  This WP will be served by the researched materials and the developed systems in previous WP. These materials will be mock up on the pilots and the systems will be installed at the beginning of this WP and during the WP timeline will be controlled and maintained to get the data needed for the evaluation of the air quality of the buildings.

  WP7 is the principal, visible demonstration activity of CETIEB, and it accomplishment determines the success of the project. The installation works target to accomplish the plans prepared in WP1, the materials researched in WP5 to achieve the targeted air quality and the Monitoring Kit from WP3.