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WP 8 - Dissemination & Exploitation

  The objectives of this WP are to disseminate CETIEB results through journal papers, at conferences and through a public website, to organize workshops and events during which the CETIEB technological achievements will be presented and discussed, to plan standardization activities, contribute to standardization bodies and forums and to analyze the potential of the CETIEB technology for market exploitation in the form of exploitation plans.

  The partners of CETIEB have great expectations of the project results and do initially see and plan how to make use of them. The outside world expects significant contribution, so the dissemination will not happen only inside the consortium, but also worldwide through different activities and documents. The dissemination work plan guarantees a harmony and assures the maximum impact along the project elaboration by conferences, meetings and workshops organized to disseminate the project knowledge as well as an official project web page in order to collect all the information related to project.

  Partners also exhibit their initial exploitation plan focussing on how the project results will be used in their business activity. Due to the character of CETIEB (measurement of performance of the retrofitting of existing buildings) the project line is strongly directed to future applications in the existing buildings. Due to this project´s characteristic, an SME expert in this as SOLINTEL will be the most suitable to lead this task. CETIEB dissemination activity continues with several publications in quality journals, co-organising and taking a leading role in several international Events Workshops and Trade Fairs.